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At Derindam Research Institute of Biotechnology, we support collaborative efforts that create bridges between researchers and Basic science and clinical specialists. Our faculty participates in interdepartmental and multidisciplinary research projects. Many of them are involved in Biotechnological and Biomedical laboratory testing, clinical trials testing and basic scientific research. Our goals are to use new information from the research laboratories in order to enhance clinical testing; to use knowledge gained in the examination of specimens in order to develop new hypotheses for basic research and to share our knowledge through effective educational programs. The Institute has good infrastructure and well equipped laboratories with qualified support staff supervised by well qualified, experienced and committed faculty members who are seasoned researchers. The Institute has research laboratories for PhD research scholars as well as separate laboratories for students pursuing MSc in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. DRIB Research labs are equipped with basic and advanced instruments. The resources available for laboratory work and training of students are utilised very efficiently and effectively. As a result of excellent laboratory facilities and their proper utilisation, the graduating students acquire competitive skills for immediate employment. Partner univrsities recognition has catapulted the efforts to develop the infrastructure of the Institute for advanced research. All the laboratories strictly adhere to the SOP as per the GLP guidelines with respect to their use and maintenance Investigators within the DRIB, Partner universities and institutes locally and internationally are active in basic, translational and clinical research. They are exploring the cellular and molecular pathology of various tumours and abnormalities such as bladder, prostate and breast cancer, blood group antigens, bone diseases, diabetes, hematopoiesis, immune disorders, lipid metabolism, GIT disease, Lung diseases. Uterine disorder, kidney diseases, lymphomas and leukemias, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular disease. Other form of investigations include Anti-aging properties of various plans and generation of stem cells and cell line that are capable of rejuvenation of the body thereby bringing overall solution to various diseases that are of primitive origin, our investigative activities employ the use of animal models in which our findings could be of help to advance the study clinically in the nearest future.

Below are the various laboratory units where research and training activities are taking place in collaboration with our foreign partners for all form of Biomedical, Biotechnological and Applied science research investigations and analysis

1• Tissue Culture & Stem Cell Laboratory

2• Molecular Laboratory

3• Microbiology Laboratory

4• Heam & Cytogenetic Laboratory

5• Cellular Pathology Laboratory

6• Chemical Pathology Laboratory

7• Animal Dissecting Laboratory

8• Microscopy Room

9• Preparatory Laboratory

10• Sterilisation Room

And many more.....,,,

For detail information about our Research Laboratories, please send mail to laboratories@dumed.org

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