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Bachelor's Degree Research Training and Project work

About the Program: This training is specificaally for Bachelor students studying presently in the university or Higher institution who is currently in need of research training and project work.
Mode of Application: Download Paper Based Application to be submitted by email or visit DRIB for detail application
Requirement for Acceptance: 

• complete Application form

• Research concept note for the project work

• Proof of Identity e.g student id card

• Conscent Letter from the Suppervisor

• Student's current curriculum vitae

Research or Project work duration: Depending on the nature of the training and project work
Research or Project work fees: send mail to research@dumed.org
Boarding & Lodging (optional): send mail to accomodation@dumed.org

Bachelor's degree Research Training and Project work Area

• Biotechnology

• Biomedical sciences

• Biochemistry

• Microbiology

• Occupational Therapy

• International Public Health

• Imaging Technology

• Molecular Cell Biology

• Herbal Medicine

• Nursing Sciences

• Medical Laboratory sciences and many more ...,

For detail information about Bachelor research training and project work and application should be sent to research@dumed.org

TEL & Whatsapp:+2348139321350 | +2347033216662 | +2349073559243 | info@dumed.org