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DRIB Practical Training Programs in University Diploma & Certificate

Course Title: Access to Higher Education International Certificate (ACHE) / ex-IGCSE

About the course: The ACHE is a non-national university diploma (DU), equivalent to the Baccalaureate (UNESCO ISCED 4/5) and allows access to university studies for people in training or professional activity aged over 20 years. Like many universities around the world, MIIBS / URH-ISAG offers you the preparation of its international ACHE in which is integrate into the Licenses / Bachelors degree program of URH-ISAG, our international campuses or our associated partners.

Curriculum: The certificate is prepared by correspondence on the basis of 7 major prescribed specialties. The exams are held in French and English on the major specialties with possible language options (Hungarian, Slovak ...) according to personalized sessions, secured through a private interview with the program manager. The duration of the training is one year because it is an examination giving rise to the award of the first equivalent university title. This is a real opportunity to enter university for people who do not have the required initial diploma.

Course Coordinator: send email to diplomapractical@dumed.org

Duration: 12 months

Course fee: send mail to unidiplomaprograms@dumed.org

Eligibility: Matured Applicant not less than 20 years old

Boarding & Lodging (optional): send mail to accomodation@dumed.org

Course content:

• English - Modern Language

• Literature

• Humanities

• Contemporary history

• Law

• Mathematics

• French as a foreign language

• Philosophy

• Arts & Design

• Culture & Society

• The world of business and the economy

For detail information about diploma practical programs, please send mail to unidiplomaprograms@dumed.org

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