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DRIB provides Reagents and Assay development and Production services for molecular analysis rsearch and project works to the beneficiaries from both Public and Private sector organizations and universities locally and Internationally. All our reagents and assay are of ISO qualities and the degree of accuracy is excellent.

Below reagennts and assay are developed and produced at DRIB in collaboration with our foreign partners for all form of Biomedical, Biotechnological and Applied science research analysis

• Molecular & PCR related Reagents.....,RGT

• Stem Cell Reagents.....,RGT

• Tissue Culture Reagents.....,RGT

• Biochemical Reagents.....,RGT

• Immunohistochemical Reagents.....,RGT

• Histochemical Reagents.....,RGT

• Immuno-Assay Reagents.....,RGT

• Immunoflorescence Reagents.....,RGT

• Heamatological and Cytogenetic Reagents.....,RGT

• Western Blots Reagents.....,RGT

• And many more.....,,,

For detail information about our reagent production services, please send mail to reagents@dumed.org

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