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An Overview of DRIB Animal House

Animal research and animal research facilities are critical to the biomedical research enterprise. Animal species are used in every stage of the research and development effort-from discovery, to development and safety testing, to clinical trials, and to manufacture-because their biological systems, genetic structures, and immunological responses, in various ways, closely mirror ours as a species

A Conventional central animal house facility is available at DRIB for the teaching, training and research facilities and to meet the growing demand for high quality laboratory animals in emergent field of Experimental Pharmacology and medicine. Trained and qualified veterinarian and technical personnel are always at hand to carry out research and keep it in accordance with the standards established by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) for the Small animal Research for Education purpose.

This Central Animal House facility is a resource center for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from various institutions locally and internationally who visit DRIB for research and project work, these students receive an introduction to animal testing and observation, a vital part of live research. Use of good quality (genetically and microbiologically defined) animals is essential for obtaining reliable and reproducible results in biomedical research and for the production and testing of drugs. Most biomedical institutions, vaccine producing units and pharmaceutical concerns depend on these Animal research facilities for testing and productions.

Activities of DRIB Central Animal House are listed below

• Promoting basic and educational animal research.

• Periodical Institutional Animal Ethic committee meeting

• In-vivo studies for PhD level and collaborative projects.

• Mentoring approved scientific studies and animal welfare.

• Training faculty and students for applied animal studies.

• Breeding various research animals for commercial purposes.

And many more...

For detail information about our Research Animals, please send mail to researchanimals@dumed.org

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