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DRIB offer best solutions to Universities, Colleges, Corporate training research and also allow these prominent organisations to launch their research training and project work with our Institute.

• DRIB provides a comprehensive range of services and support to the international and local community of students, stakeholders and invested parties from various university departments and offices

• At DRIB, we also maintain and sustain Memorandum of Understanding with various international universities and industries, which has contributed to the development of the Institute over the years

• Other activities actively involved are many but not limited to Faculty research exchange programmes, Research scholar exchanges, Joint degree programmes, Study Abroad programmes, MoUs and Agreements and Facilitator of international

• At DRIB,we believe in mutually beneficial collaborative endeavours that increase the productive output of all involved

• As a research-intensive teaching institute, we have a lot to offer to potential partners in various arena

• DRIB facilitate cooperation with educational institutions and other scientists in various fields, DRIB has initiated partnerships with several research organizations, universities and industries in worldwide

• As a corporate organization, a partnership with DRIB can help in a variety of ways

• In the area of Contract Research, we collaborate with reputable organisations carrying out research in a particular area before our partners can take your product to the market

• With the best research facilities and qualified technical experts, we are in the right position to fulfill your requirement

•Our scientists will design and execute experiments to give you the data that is need

• In Collaborative Research Projects, from nanomaterials to biosensors, scientists at DRIB are working at the front line of many different domains. Interested organisation are encourage to Collaborate with us to explore fresh avenues and develop the next new product in their line of business

• In Consultancy collaboration, Interested organisations are welcome to Consult our highly qualified scientists to troubleshoot technical glitches in your product or process

•Our expertise and experience in research have help many organisation and students remove the stumbling block that may be holding them back

• In term of our specialised Technical Services, We have several state-of-the-art research facilities operated by people with the requisite technical expertise

• We will process samples and give you high-quality output to take research to the next level

• At DRIB, our research is closely integrated with education, BSc, Msc and Phd students are admitted through a rigorous selection process

• Our students receive hands-on laboratory training and exposure to research

• Our research students work on 'live' research problems from day one, all our students are thoroughly trained not only in hands-on use of sophisticated equipments but also in trouble shooting, problem solving and evolving new research ideas

• We have a fully industry-ready workforce, ready to start working in different reputable organisations as soon as they complete the training.

• We believe in collaborative efforts to ensure that our clients get products and services that incorporate the latest advances in the scientific arena. This is possible through a collaborative partnerships with some of the most respected scientists and research institutions worldwide

For general enquiries, assistance and to know more about our partners, Please send mail to collaboration@dumed.org


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