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About DRIB

In today’s modern lifestyle our dependance on technology needs no introduction. Biotechnology has the unique ability of giving answers to several problems plaguing the human mankind with the incorporation of several basic sciences and technical knowledge to emerge as one of mega sciences in today’s world

Allowing the knowledge of this field to trickle into the common masses for their advantage is one of the main endeavors, which are the basis for science and society programmes. With our team of young and experienced research faculties, we conduct several society based research training, project work programs and workshops

We organize, sponsor and host guest faculties, national and international conferences and interaction sessions of well-known speakers for scientific growth of undergraduate and post graduate and research students besides having a personality development programme. Besides developing qualified personnel, DRIB has established a Technology Business Incubator facility, for the promotion of entrepreneurs in making and juvenile industries. Association with several national and international acclaimed Institutes, colleges, polytechnics, universities, Laboratories and pharmaceutical companies across the globe would allow collaborative research and also benefit growth and facilitate student scientific research and project work training programs

Our Mission

These include

• To contribute to nation and society through the pursuit of education, leaning and research at the highest international levels of excellence and to stand on the same scaffold with other research training institute of eminence.

• Mandate is to provide a platform for biotechnology education, training and research at the interface of multiple disciplines. The programs at DRIB are designed to create opportunities for students to engage in multi-disciplinary research where they learn biotechnological sciences while integrating engineering, medicine and science

• To provide solutions for human and animal health, agriculture and environmental technologies

• The mission of the DRIB is to create opportunities for multi-disciplinary education, training and research in biotechnology

Our Vission

• The vision is to produce human resource tailored to drive innovation in biotechnology, particularly in areas of new opportunities and also to fill talent gap in deficient areas.

• To champion and set excellent precedent for good and quality research centre globally.

• To be the first line research in native organization building the nation

• To enhance and distribute adequate knowledge for quality research and training for students and staff through latest and advanced innovative Technology.

• To empower the youths using research capacities to build the knowledge based thereby making them relevant to building the nation.

• To solve mankind problems using research tools in Biotechnology.

• To prepare and build students to be self - reliance and self- employed in this era.

• To empower and prepare fresh graduate to be marketable and useful to solve mankind problem using Biotechnological tools.

Our Core Values

• Freedom of thought and expression

• Freedom from discrimination

• Freedom from mental poverty


• To instill tendency in the students to learn more and more.

• To develop and enquiring mind.

• Education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

• To make students more pragmatic.

• The encouragement of a questioning spirit

• An extensive range of academic and technical subjects in all major subjects groups allied to Biotechnology

• Quality and depth of provision across all subjects.

• The close inter-relationship between teaching scholarship and research

• Strong support for in individual researchers as well as research groups.

Relationship with society

• The widest possible student access to the knowledge irrespective of caste and creed

• The contribution which the research institute can make to society through the pursuit, dissemination and application of knowledge.

• The place of research institute which in the broader academic and local community

• Opportunities for innovative partnerships with business, charitable foundations and healthcare.

• Concern for sustainability and the relationship with the environment.


• The relationship between the University and the affiliated institutes/departments as fundamental to the nature of DRIB.

• The interdisciplinary nature of the departments as a major stimulus to teaching and learning.

• The enhanced quality of experience for students and staff through departmental membership.

Institute Staff

• Recognition and reward of Institute’s staff as its greatest asset.

• The encouragement of career development for all staff

Other Activities

• The opportunities for broadening the experience of students and staff through participation in sport, music, drama, the visual arts and other cultural activities because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

• Equal importance to co-curricular and extra - curricular activities

Institute Plans

• DRIB shall maintain research and academic linkages, Processing, Applying, Maintaining and forming strong bonds and partnership with leading with accredited institutions of high learning based in India, United States of America, Australia, Philippine, South Africa, China, Germany and United Kingdo that would enable students to be enriched with detail theory, practical and research knowledge thereby pushing the products ahead of others worldwide

• To be an excellent center where discipline, knowledge and Truth prevail to deliver mankind from abject poverty.

Accreditation and Recognition

• Derindam Research Institute of Biotechnology is approved; recognized and accredited under the companies and allied matters Act 1990 and that the company is limited by share with approval of no objection from Ministry of Education of Nigeria.

• Accreditation and approval from our partners are highly valued under international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

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