Towards the end of Bachelor third semester DCBM-IUBR offers its students to a range of established and upcoming companies operational at the interface of research and development. On campus and off campus interviews are conducted for selection of candidates by respective companies on the criteria set by them. Several Biotech Company, pharmaceutical companies, bioinformatics firms, bioprocess corporations, scientific marketing, concept marketing, clinical research etc are some of the fields where students are selected according to their interest and abilities. Students are regularly informed of any on or off campus interview by email so that students can willingly apply for desired jobs.

For scientific development students are made to participate and involve themselves during national and international conferences, workshops, paper presentation and training programs organized by DCBM-IUBR.
Technical seminars from speakers of national and international repute, scientific interactive sessions with academic luminaries (Nobel laureates, scientists, CEOs, innovators) and speakers are arranged for motivation and scientific development.
Students are also exposed to reputed national laboratories and biotech companies for summer training at the end of second semester. Best students are motivated to join for a 5-6 month master thesis project in a reputed international laboratory with full sponsorship.
DCBM-IUBR also conducts personality development courses by using mind mapping for students to improve their skills like communication, soft skills, body language, public speaking and visual thinking. Special classes are conducted for students who wish to have guidance for clearing International level scholarship examinations to study at Msc and Phd by research abroad.
Students are regularly informed of any available position for conducting research in any national or international laboratory.

DCBM-IUBR encourages student to perform excellently, students with overall Best performance shall be given full tuition fee waiver scholarship to study a 2 year Master degree programs in his or her chosen specialty with our partner university abroad.

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